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    Divorce And Child Custody

    Divorce and child custody is beyond complex and emotionally charged. When couples with children divorce, custody of children is often the most emotionally stressful thing they will ever encounter. It is essential to have a child custody attorney with a high degree of legal expertise to help you arrive at a custody agreement that works well for everyone involved. When parents cannot agree on custody and visitation, whether married or unmarried, it is essential that they have the best child custody lawyers possible to petition their divorce court or the family court in the state and county in which the children reside and ensure that your interests and the interests of your children are protected to the fullest extent of child custody law. Legal-Yogi understands all this and is able to provide you with a pre-screened, fully accredited bank of lawyers in your area from which to choose.

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      How Our Lawyers Can Help

      Regardless of whether you are a single parent or a married person who needs to iron out the specifics as part of a divorce, it is imperative that you have an attorney experienced in child custody and visitation laws in the state in which the children reside at work for you through the entire process. Whether you need an attorney for child support or an attorney for child custody, Legal-Yogi has access to a bank of child support and custody lawyers in your area literally at your fingertips. Apart from knowing how to get child custody, our lawyer for child custody can:

      • Full and complete representation by a proven expert in the field of child custody and visitation
      • Provide explanation and clarification on what you can expect
      • Outlining and explaining your options
      • Protection of the legal rights and personal interests of both you and your children
      • Evaluate your case
      • When it comes to child support, an attorney can make a difference in equitable settlements

      Important FAQs in Child Custody

      There are many gray areas in child custody matters, and if you are faced with a child custody dispute and looking for a lawyer, child custody is certainly not an area on which you want to take chances on less than the best possible representation you can get. You are bound to have questions. Legal-yogi understands how complex and confusing such situations can be, and are happy to provide you with answers to questions such as:

      • What does the court consider relevant when deciding who should get custody of children?
      • If I move out of the marital home and leave my children with the other parent, will it hurt my chances of getting custody?
      • Are mother’s more likely to get custody than fathers?
      • Is custody always awarded to just one parent?
      • Can I still get custody if I am gay or lesbian?
      • Is race a factor in child custody rights?
      • Who decides custody and visitation?
      • Should I consider mediation to help decide child custody and visitation?
      • How do I find the best attorneys for child custody?

      When Deciding Custody, What Factors Help the Courts Make a Determination?

      When it comes to deciding things such as child support or custody, lawyer representation makes a big difference in final awards. The courts generally decide custody and visitation based on one simple factor: what is in the best interests of the children involved. In making such a determination, many contributing factors are considered such as:

      • Financial ability to provide essentials. This does not mean the parent with the biggest bank account will always get custody, just that a parent must be able to provide necessities for their children.
      • Parents’ mental and physical health
      • Child’s sex and age, physical and mental medical history.
      • Factors such as parental substance use and abuse and smoking.
      • Child preference (if of age—generally 12 years of age)
      • Emotional bonding with parent and child
      • Parent’s wishes
      • Parental supportiveness to co-parenting

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      Advantages of Having a Child Custody Lawyer

      Factors such as emotional volatility, communication difficulties, and differing values and opinions make it difficult for parents to decide custody and visitation issues. The complexities inherent in child custody and visitation cases make having the best legal representation possible extremely important. Here are a few good reasons to have a custody attorney to represent you:

      • Child custody attorneys can act as a buffer between you and your spouse.
      • Child custody attorneys have expertise in state and the ways in which they apply to your individual situation.
      • Attorneys can arrange detailed child custody arrangements and parenting plans that will work according to individual judge’s requirements.
      • Presenting a solid case to get the decision you and your children deserve.
      • When it comes to child support, lawyers that have the expertise and ethics to go the distance for you can make a difference in the fairness of awarding child support.

      By filling out the no-obligation forms provided, while protecting your identity, information will be forwarded to a bank of attorneys who will in turn send contact information expressing interest in providing legal representation for your specific case needs. Since it is identity protected and no obligation, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain in securing your needs and the future of your children. For your good, and the welfare of your children, don’t wait. Act now by filling out the form provided here.