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About Legal-Yogi.com

Legal-Yogi takes both the guesswork and the legwork out of finding a local attorney for your specific needs. No two cases are the same, and Legal-Yogi recognizes that by providing you free information and phone consultations with real attorneys you will enjoy an easy way to search for an attorney that is the best fit for your needs. Legal Yogi’s process is effective and gives you an easy no-obligation way to to get the help you need with complete confidence

Who We Are

Legal-yogi is part of a family of sites that have been operating since 1999. Along with sister sites like VistaLendingGroup.com and credit-yogi.com, we are connected to a vast network of financial experts and attorneys nationwide who will offer free initial consultations with just a click or a phone call. One of our earliest Sites, Real Estate Yogi, was created to help all people who are seeking help with important financial issues, particularly those related to borrowing for important real estate purchases or recovering from debt. Due to the increase in requests for more and more bankruptcy, foreclosure prevention, and many other legal services, Legal-Yogi.com was implemented. All of our web sites have become a conduit for an array of legal and financial services, with upper management that has 25+ years experience in the market place.

It is difficult to find reliable information on the web so we designed our website to educate you before you make a decision. We understand each case is different and that individuals need a tailored solution based on their specific needs. Legal Yogi.com believes in finding solutions in this way, rather than trying to give you some prepackaged plan that may be right for some but not for everyone. Since we aim to educate, we like to encourage you to shop around and compare programs.

How We Can Help

All information and consultations are given freely without obligation. Phone support is available 24/7. You can easily and quickly connect to a live person for a free, no obligation phone consultation. We have relationships with professional consultants, financial experts, and attorneys nationwide. Our technical system connects consumers with experts based on zip code for those cases that require a face to face meeting.

Our Expertise:

All areas of:

  • Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, IRS Tax
  • Family Law, Child Custody/Support, Visitation
  • DUI and Traffic offenses
  • Real Estate, Wills, and Probate
  • Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Social Security Disability
  • All other areas of Criminal, Civil, and Corporate law

We can help consumers for any area of law in any US state. There are many solutions we can draw from to help based on your personal needs. There is never any obligation to buy; our system is designed to educate you before you pursue a solution.

We understand that there are other providers out there and aim to earn your trust. Thank you for visiting our website.